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A Day in the Life of 'Periplanata americana' (revise, you biology guys!)

- Abhinav Dixit
from Spandan 1999

Hello humans! I am your old "friend" - the world's toughest creature - The cockroach. I know you all are disgusted on hearing my name but guys I have lived for many more years than you. Well you see it's not easy to live with so many odds against you.
My day begins with sunrise- COZ that's the time you invade my territory to discard your (I hope you understand) I, along with my friends have to run away to seek shelter. But wherever I go humans are after my blood Soon I feel hungry, so I stop at any nearby anthill to have a few ants for breakfast.

10 AM - Office time-Office? - It's in a crack in the nearby kitchen door. Office means work and work means meetings.

Agenda of meetings - How to fight crimes against cockroachanity? Some fried flies along with chilled ant juice makes a perfect setting for great cockroaches to sit and think. The meeting is dismissed with the decision to set up a committee (Same as human meetings is isn't it?)

5 PM-Evening-time, time to enjoy, time to go out on a date (So you guys thought only you could have fun!). Folks we're very lucky, God made us small but gave us 13 hearts (Bade dilwala).

Lover's paradise - a human shoe. What a place man! No one to disturb you - Oh! I am sorry, you people cannot give some freedom to two lovely souls. Well ! the date ends with dinner of shoe soles and kitchen water on the rocks. Night soon sets in and like all tired souls I go back to my 'home sweat home' the same old crack in the wall - the place where I have lived for years and seen the rise and fall of human civilization.


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