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Spandan: The College Magazine

Spandan is the annual magazine of the Maulana Azad Medical College. Released every year in April, Spandan marks the culmination of all the activities of the EdB. It is the official magazine of MAMC. Hence it departs greatly from the casual attitude of the other publications and projects a professional image while maintaining the distinctive MAMC flavor in its articles.

Here at you can find the best articles from Spandan, hand-picked by the editors. Also included is the complete cover story on Euthanasia from Spandan '97.

The Spandan articles are written by the MAMC students and faculty. And every year the EdB selects a central story for the magazine, for which it conducts in-depth research, surveys, etc to present a comprehensive evaluation of the issue. Spandan 97, for instance, covered the controversial topic of Euthanasia in India.

Articles from Spandan

Here are archived some of the best articles to appear in Spandan, hand-picked by the editors. Click on the article name to view the complete text.

Title Author/Issue
Spandan 2023 The Editorial Board
(Spandan 2022-23)
Spandan 2021 The Editorial Board
(Spandan 2009)
Spandan 2008 The Editorial Board
(Spandan 2009)
Spandan '97 Cover Story: Euthanasia The Editorial Board
(Spandan 1997)
Azad Medicos' Association 1996-97: Unity in Perversity The Motley Crew
(Spandan 1997)
The Mystery of the Burning Bride Dr. Anil Agarwal
(Spandan 1997)
A Day in the Life of 'Periplanata americana' (revise, you biology guys!) Abhinav Dixit
(Spandan 1999)
From the Devil's Handbook The Hellion
(Spandan 1997)
The Three-Year Old Itch Shamit Chopra
(Spandan 1999)
First Lesson Anubha Bhatnagar
(Spandan 1999)
Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Spandan 1999)
Show Me Your Motion! Dr. Saurabh Jain
(Spandan 1997)
Interview with Dr. Narottam Puri The Editorial Board
(Spandan 1999)
Teacher, Don't Preach Dr. Neelam Vasudeva
(Spandan 1999)
Remembering Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Dr. P. C. Dhanda
(Spandan 1997)
But Seriously A Maulanian
(Spandan 1999)
Student Log: Stardate Nikhil Goyal
(Spandan 1997)
Because It's There Nikhil Goyal, Sonal Kansra, Manish Bansal
(Spandan 1997)
A Tribute to the Medical Student Dr. Ritu Sehgal
(Spandan 1999)
The Outlandish Volte-Face of the Fairer Sex Shamit Chopra
(Spandan 1999)
The MAMC Survey The Editorial Board
(Spandan 1997)
Maulana Azad Medical College and Associated Hospitals: An Outline History of the Campus from Early Times Dr. Ravi Nehru
(Spandan 1993)


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