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Other EdB Projects

OK, Spandan is undoubtedly the most important work of the EdB. But The Wall and TNT are surely more popular - either by virtue of their 'informal' approach or because they keep coming all the year round.

The Wall

  • A humble notice board.
  • Situated smack in the center of campus.
  • With a bold, colorful presentation of the latest news, views, reviews and interviews.
  • Everybody reads it, even the professors (though they deny it of course).
  • And the EdB updates it almost every fortnight.

That's what The Wall is. A friendly reminder that the EdB is alive and kicking. And Watching. Every breath you take, every move you make...

The Festival Rags

MAMC hosts two major festivals - Synapse and Goonj in February and October respectively. Festival time means a week's break from studies for the medical students and a time to party with over 10,000 students from all over India coming to stay on the campus. The days and nights are packed with Literary events (quizzes, debates, etc.), Fine Art events (poster making, T-shirt painting...), Cultural Events (Music, Dance competitions), The Choreography Competition, The Fashion Show and finally an Earthshaking Rock Show.

Needless to say, the editorial board kicks in at this time with daily editions of Resonance (in Goonj), Iris (for Synapse) and Aaina (Synapse, Hindi edition). These are released at midnight at the all night dance floor. Full of the latest gossip and dirt about everybody, the Festival Rags are in hot demand even the next morning!

New from 2008!

Thanks to Rohit Malhotra, Jt. Editor of Spandan 2008, here are some publications from Goonj 2008: Iris day 1, day 2


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